It is the views of Paris for which Caillebotte is most famous. He also loved to capture the lives of ordinary, working-class people in his work. This was frowned upon by academics at the time, but is considered amongst his best work by today's society. His life was cut short but there is still plenty to see and enjoy from his paintings section, which provides all of the highlights from his career. He was a fan of boating and scenes from this lifestyle also made it into his oeuvre. Many would enjoy some relaxing scenes from French rivers such as this and they also feel particularly in line with the general approach of impressionism.

Even within this shortened output, there are different styles to be found. He was a versatile artist, even if perhaps not as naturally talented as some of his colleagues. He would have to work harder to achieve the same results as others in the impressionist movement but this did not disuade this mentally strong and confident individual. He had no malice towards the other more famous artists in this group and was contented to experiment with his own ideas whilst following other passions in his lfe.

Art prints covering the work of Caillebotte can help us to remember a classical time within, and around, the French capital. Simpler times, perhaps. The soothing colour schemes of this artist would suit most homes and this combination of realism and impressionism ensures that there is accurate detail to enjoy, as well as the personal touch of the more expressive impressionist style. The style was neither too traditional nor too modern, thus would suit most home interiors today.